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Do you curse during interviews ?

Have you ever been arrested ?

Do you own your own home ?

Have you ever been employed for longer than 1 year ?

Do you own a Tertiary Degree (Bachelors / Masters / Doctorate)?

Are you on Social Media ?

Do you own a Car ?

Are you vaccinated against Covid ?

Did your Favorite Sports Team win the championship this year ?

Have you ever delivered a knock out punch ?

Have you ever saved someone from an active Rape attempt ?

Have you ever witnessed demonic activity ?

Have you ever Dunked a Basketball ?

Have you ever scored a Three pointer ?

Have you ever scored a in Soccer goal ?

Have you ever scored a Soccer penalty ?

Have you ever been bitten by a Dog ?

Are you vaccinated against Covid ?

Have you ever witnessed a Car Crash ?

Do you want to get married ?


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